Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smash the Rumor Mill

The "rumor mill" can create some interesting challenges for government. However, at the same time I realize it's a fact of life. It feeds the human desire and need for information. But, when the subject matter takes on a life of its own the whole situation can become awfully difficult to manage.

City officials can sit by and let the rumor mill run its course, or we can be out front trying to provide accurate and timely information on a regular basis. I prefer the later option.

So, I invite all citizens of Milton to join me in smashing the rumor mill. If you hear rumors about City happenings and would like the "skinny" on what's fact and fiction, I invite you to contact me directly at tschmidt@ci.milton.wi.us or by phone at (608)868-6900 (ext. 4). Or, feel free to stop up to City Hall at 430 E. High Street and make use of my open-door-policy. If I'm unable to answer your question right away, I will work to find the answer or direct you to who can give you the answer.