Monday, November 29, 2010

Shop Local this Holiday Season

As Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the holiday season, I wanted to remind all of you of some of the great opportunities to shop local this holiday season. The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MACCIT) is partnering with our 187 businesses right here in Milton, advocating and promoting a Holiday "Shop Hop" that highlights many of the great deals our local businesses here in Milton are offering this time of year.

Our local businesses offer so very much to Milton's community. They provide jobs and offer our citizens services and goods right here in our community that help sustain our economic infrastructure. Many of those same businesses give back to our community via generous donations that support our schools, our co-curricular activities. As this time of year often involves a bit more shopping for all of us for food, decorations or gifts, I'd ask that we all consider showing our gratitude and support our local businesses this holiday season by shopping right here in Milton every chance we get.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

City of Milton 2011 Proposed Budget and Service Plan Public Hearing

On Monday, November 29th at 7pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, the City Council will be holding a public hearing on the proposed 2011 City of Milton Budget and Service Plan. The 2011 proposed draft budget outlines proposed service levels and the necessary taxing and spending to provide those service levels in our community.

The current proposed budget and service plan calls for a 1.95% increase in the tax levy from 2010. The plan is a product of several months of work by the Mayor, Council members and staff during budget workshops held in October and November. The purpose of the public hearing is to provide citizens the opportunity to voice any questions, concerns or comments they have about the proposed budget to the Mayor and the Council, prior to adopting a final budget for the upcoming calendar year. Residents and/or business owners with questions, concerns or comments or those who are merely interested in the proposed 2011 budget and service plan are encouraged to attend the public hearing.


A day for giving thanks....

As most of our City and the rest of the Country prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I like many others, wanted to take a brief moment to publicly state some things that I personally am thankful for. These include the following:

1) I am thankful for the many sacrifices of others: In particular, it is appropriate we give thanks and remember Scott Nagorski, the serviceman who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life (and the reason why flags were lowered to 1/2 staff today) while serving our Country during Operation Enduring Freedom. To him and all of those who have served and continue to serve in our Military and sacrifice time away from their families during the holiday season, I extend my thanks.

2) I am thankful for our City Employees who work the holidays: While I am grateful for all of the hard working dedicated employees we have that keep our City running, most offices are closed during the holiday weekend. That being said certain City operations must continue, particularly in our Department of Public Works and Public Safety Departments where staff must work the holiday to keep the City running. I am grateful for the sacrifices those folks make to keep our City safe and operating, knowing that many sacrifice some time with family or other scheduled traditions to keep the City safe and operational.

3) I am forever thankful for a healthy and ever-supportive family.

4) I am thankful to have a job, one that I very much enjoy, and one that provides for my family.

5) I am thankful to live in in Milton, where caring and concerned people make the City the great place that it is to live, go to school or work.

I personally hope that each and everyone of you who follows the City and its happenings on this blog have the opportunity to share that which you are thankful for with your family and friends this holiday, and that you all enjoy a very safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulations Milton Girls Swim Team-STATE CHAMPS

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to catch up on some articles from our local weekly newspaper the Milton Courier. Without a doubt the ones that stood out were those congratulating our Milton High School Girls Swim Team and their bringing home a State Championship, the first ever for Milton in girls swimming. As I read the articles and the accomplishments of these young women, I thought about the sacrifices that parents, coaches and those student athletes make to achieve such an accomplishment. I am glad that our local newspapers give them the coverage and the credit they so deserve. I am also proud to live in a community where parents, kids, coaches and our community come together to support the efforts of all of our co-curricular activities we have here in Milton.

Much is written about young people getting in trouble and juvenile delinquency. Those issues are serious, and need attention. But it was nice to read about a team of young people committing themselves to excellence, and celebrating the success that hard work and dedication can bring. I am glad our local newspaper covered this great story so well, as the accomplishment of first year Coach Kristin Lehman and her team are now forever a part of Milton's proud athletic history. Thank you, 2010 Milton High School Girls Swim Team Division 2 State Champions, for your dedication and commitment to hard work made you a part of Milton's history that makes all of us in our community proud.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

We as a City, a State and a Nation celebrate Veterans Day today. It is a day for which we honor all those men and women who have served in our armed forces, and those who continue to serve. It is a day that we are reminded of all of the sacrifices those heroic individuals have made so that we can enjoy the many freedoms we have and enjoy as citizens of the United States of America. The symbols of that freedom are found throughout the City of Milton, and exist because of so many of our residents and others throughout the nation who have had the courage to protect them. Many have fought so those ideals could be preserved not only in America, but so that freedom could be protected throughout the world. The courage of the men and women who served in our military, as well as those who continue to serve cannot be overstated.

The flags that fly high above our institutions throughout the City symbolize the pride that we have in America, our freedom, and our Country's core values. I am proud to see so many symbols of that freedom in our City that celebrate America and am proud to know many City of Milton employees and residents who have honorably served our Country in the armed forces. While we may never be able to show these heroes enough appreciation for their service, I would ask that all of us take some time out of our busy days today here on this Veterans Day to say "thank you" to our Veterans for their service to our country.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A different view......

As today concludes my first full week as City Administrator, I wanted to take a brief moment as we start up blog posts again to reflect on some of the many fantastic things I saw as I got used to watching our great City from a different view. Below are some of the highlights:

-Elections: This year I got to see firsthand the great work done by so many of our Citizens and City Hall staff as we celebrated another election. The right to vote is one many have sacrificed for, and it was great to see the cooperation of so many. Be it our Department of Public Works staff that sets up the election, our library staff that held a “kids election” and all of our citizen election workers whose work is coordinated through our Clerk/Treasurer’s office. All of them working together, coupled with you who took the time to vote make the voting process a success.

-The Budget: Over the past few months I have gained a much greater sense of respect for how challenging the development of an entire City budget is. I am grateful for all the work our Mayor and Council put into this process, as well as our Department heads and this year, the good fortune of both the wisdom and knowledge of our budget consultant, Milton resident Herb Stinski. As we come near the conclusion of that process, I believe our citizens will find that we have taken a balanced approach to developing a budget that will provide for the services our citizens expect in the most cost-effective manner.

-Our non-profits: Tying into my learning as a City Administrator is a recognition of how fortunate Milton is to have some great non-profit organizations working so hard to better our community. Their relationship to the City is invaluable. Whether it be the recently formed Celebrate Milton commmittee who is working to enhance the 4th of July events we all enjoy so much, or MACCIT who assists the City with coordinating business and economic development, or our historical society, who ensures our history is preserved and presented to our citizens and visitors for all of us to be proud of. We also celebrate the Gathering Place, as they hosted their annual fund raising play that due to time limitations I could not participate in this year, but the have participated in past plays as this event helps support a valued institution that provides an invaluable service to our community’s senior population and beyond.

-Our Police and Joint Fire Department: While I am obviously a bit more familiar with these organizations than a few others, the week’s conclusion included a dangerous pipe bomb found in our community. Watching the folks work through that incident, ensuring public safety and the police department effectively and efficiently holding those who made a poor choice accountable made me proud.

In concluding my first blog post, I also want to thank all of you who have sent me nice cards, e-mails or stopped in to say “congratulations”. As I stated throughout the interview process, the greatest asset the City of Milton has is its people. I look forward to working with you all and serving as your City Administrator. -Jerry