Wednesday, July 29, 2009

United Way Offering Assistance to Families

Parenting is not an easy job. Having two kids of my own, I know that in an intimate way. For those who are struggling with parenting, the United Way of North Rock County is here to help. Here’s a few programs available in our area:

  • One of the many programs the United Way offers or teams up with to help families is First Call. This program is a free information and referral service. Go to and type in “parenting” in the search line. You can also call 752-3100 to get many of your parenting questions answered.
  • Another resource is the Exchange Family Resource Center – Evansville. The program is part of the Children’s Service Society and provides parent education, support, and more. Activities for families include playgroups, developmental screenings, and family events.
  • FACT (Families and Communities Together) is also a program of the Children’s Service Society. This program focuses on improving family cohesion through parent empowerment. They also have a variety of sessions including a family meal, family communication activities, parent support group, and others.
  • Positive Parenting, a program of Lutheran Social Services, delivers four different eight-week classes. These are Positive Parenting, Co-parenting, Parents and Teens Together, and Teen Parenting.
  • Respitality is a program through Family Respite Care and provides people who are caring for someone with a disability 24-48 hours at a local motel to give them a “mini-vacation.” This allows the individual to rejuvenate and continue to build and maintain their family.

If you would like more information about these programs, you can contact Janine Peterson, Vice President at United Way of North Rock County at 608-757-3052 or For news and information about the United Way of North Rock County log on to their website at