Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alliant Energy Voltage Conversion Update

Alliant Energy has been working on a voltage conversion for the whole City of Milton. Part of that involves tree trimming and distribution rebuilding. Another round of tree trimming by Alliant Energy crews (or their subcontractors) will begin on September 14, 2009. With the exception of a couple total tree removals, this will be trimming only. Click here to see a general map of the affected area or here to see a map showing detail by street. They will start with Lamar N10337 (indicated in orange on both maps) and Lamar N1219 (indicated in pink on both maps) will follow.

Rebuild efforts will begin along the Lamar N10337 route later in September, and Lamar N1219 rebuild efforts will begin in 2010. Final voltage conversion is expected to take place during the middle of next year.

I will post more updates on the project as they become available. In the meantime, citizens with questions about this project may contact Mike Gentry with Alliant Energy at 608-743-1058 or by e-mail at