Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7th Annual Prairie Seed Hike

On Saturday, October 10th, beginning at 9:00 a.m., the Ad-Hoc Crossridge Park Committee will be hosting their 7th Annual Prairie Seed Hike. The event will begin at Rotary Gardens in Janesville and continue to Milton to pick seeds from the established native prairies located at the high school and Crossridge Park.

This year, the Department of Public Works and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation asked the Committee to plant a 6-7 acre area along the new State Highway 59 construction on Milton's east side. The area will be planted at the end of the project by the MECCA students as a class project. The Committee has about 3 acres of seed ready to plant from last year, but they need your help!

More information, as well as pictures of the already established prairies containing wild grasses and flowers native to this area in full bloom, can be found at:http://crossridgepark.blogspot.com/ or http://miltondogpark.blogspot.com/. Please also check these links for alternate plans if there is inclement weather.

Come join us! Bring your kids and make it a hands-on learning family activity.