Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10th Annual Seed Pick - October 9th

The Parks and Recreation Commission will be holding their 10th Annual Native Wild Flower/Grass Seed Pick this Saturday, October 9th. All participants will meet at Crossridge Park located on Parkview Drive at 9 a.m. to pick from the Crossridge Park prairie. After picking at Crossridge, they will collect seeds from various areas around town as a group.

This is a family friendly event designed to beautify the green spaces in Milton, provide restored habitat for native wildlife, and reduce or eliminate mowing/maintenance costs otherwise passed on to the taxpayers. Bring friends, family, and anyone else you can convince to try something new.

The seed collected this year is going to be used to surround the new detention pond on Hwy 59 on the east side of Milton. It will also line the highway if enough seed is collected. The Commission has managed to restore 7 acres of prairie land and has over $1,000 worth of seed in storage ready to plant. This may sound like a lot of seed, but it really isn't. The seed costs hundreds of dollars per pound, but goes a long way. The finished product is a crushed seed that is very small and light.

Click here to view tips on what to wear.

Log on to the Parks and Recreation Commission's Crossridge Park blog page to read information and see pictures from previous seed hikes: http://crossridgepark.blogspot.com/.

We hope to see you there!