Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Code Corner" - Junk Vehicles

Below is the latest "Code Corner" from Code Enforcement Coordinator Officer Laura Hauser about the ordinance relating to junk vehicles.

Let’s think spring! Spring brings us outdoors, cleaning up and hopefully putting our shovels away. When we think “clean-up” lets think about Milton Police Department's city ordinance 50-154.

This ordinance talks about “vehicles that are disassembled, inoperable, unlicensed, junked, or wrecked vehicles, will not be allowed to be stored or allowed to remain in the open or public or private property within the city for a period of time." The time is three days (unless in connection with an automotive sales or repair business).

So make sure the vehicles sitting in your driveway are in working condition and have a current license plate on it.

If your vehicle is not in compliance with this ordinance, you may receive an orange pamphlet from the Milton Police Department explaining the violation. It will also have a correction date on it. If you see a neighbor with a violation of this ordinance, please let me know by calling the police department at 868-6910.

I am very willing to work with you on any ordinance violation as I know all situations are different. Please give me a call about your situation or your complaint.