Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letter from MAYC Executive Director

Below is a letter from Pamela Thomas, executive director for the Milton Area Youth Center (MAYC).  

The Milton Area Youth Center would like to sincerely thank the community for its continued support. Recently we held our first major fundraiser, a Rummage Sale where all of the items sold were donated from the community. It was a great success, but only because of those who donated, volunteered and stopped and shopped that day.

Milton Area Youth Center is a faith-based, community-supported non-profit organization. MAYC receives no municipal, state or federal funding and relies solely on the financial and in-kind gifts of groups and individuals. In my short time as director I’ve encountered many people whose impression was that MAYC is funded through one designated group, grant or organization, but that is not the case. The success MAYC has experienced up until this point exists because of the generous donations of many groups and individuals. As the number of students and variety of services grows, MAYC’s continued success is even more dependent upon the participation of the community.

There are many ways individuals can join MAYC as we endeavor to provide a safe, positive place for Milton’s young teens to gather. To help provide for our financial needs, individuals can hold a fundraiser to benefit the youth center, become a MAYC Hero by sponsoring a student who attends, give a one-time gift, or include MAYC in their long-term financial planning. Individuals can also save Kwik Trip’s Milk Moola tabs and Glazer Doughnut price labels for us, donate items to the Corner Closet and ask the proceeds go to the youth center, and join MAYC’s Facebook group to hear about other ways MAYC is engaging the community.

Volunteers are another great need at the youth center. With an average daily attendance of 40 students, and new teens coming every day, more mentors are needed regularly just to match the growth in numbers we’re experiencing. Mentoring means simply hanging out with the kids after school anytime between 3:00 and 6:00; playing pool, ping pong, chess or video games, helping with homework or activities. Volunteers are also needed to help with office tasks, to teach new skills and activities and to help in the kitchen. Each day we serve the students a hot hearty snack, which brings me to our third major need. 

Food donations are needed on a regular basis: pizzas, hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, sloppy joe ingredients, peanut butter, grated cheese, healthy snacks, carrots, celery, fruit and healthy beverages such as milk or juice are always thankfully accepted. Home-baked goods are a very special treat and are welcomed with enthusiastic appreciation from the teens. Donations of disposable plates, cups, bowls and flatware also help keep our operating costs to a minimum. 

MAYC truly is “OUR” youth center; that’s what we work to instill in the students, and that’s how we hope the community will continue to see us as more individuals become aware of and engaged in MAYC’s mission. When teens choose to live a positive lifestyle our schools, our families and our community grows stronger. As the support for this strength continues to come from within the community, I have faith that the community (as well as our schools and our families) will reap the rewards. 


Pamela Thomas 

Executive Director, Milton Area Youth Center 
*For more information call 608-436-3637