Monday, July 2, 2012

City of Milton 4th of July Events on Schedule with Weather Precautions in Place

The City of Milton will continue all previously scheduled 4th of July events as planned, taking precautionary measures due to weather related conditions that are anticipated throughout the week’s events. Planned activities include the following:

Milton Optimist 4th of July 10K/1 mile run - Events will go on as scheduled, with an 8:30 am start. The route will have four (4) water stations and appropriate staffing levels to accommodate and/or assist event runners during the anticipated warm weather running conditions.

Milton 4th of July Parade -  Parade will continue as scheduled at 1pm on July 4th. Entrants should be at the staging area beginning at 11am. The parade route itself will have extra water/cooling stations at the beginning staging area, mid-point, and end of parade. Parade participants are reminded to dress appropriately for the weather, and to make sure your participants, both people and any animals, are properly hydrated prior to and throughout the event.  

Fireworks Show - Fireworks display will proceed as scheduled. The University of Wisconsin Marching Band will be playing on the grounds at approximately 8:30pm with the fireworks scheduled to launch at the conclusion of their performance (dusk). The Milton/Town of Milton Fire Department will be working with Schilberg Park staff to ensure fields are properly watered well in advance of the event with extra personnel to be present on the grounds during the event.

For additional information contact City Administrator Jerry Schuetz at 608-868-6900 ext. 4 or by e-mail at