Friday, August 1, 2014

Outdoor Warning System: Siren Testing –August 6th, 2014

Sheriff Spoden wants to remind citizens that Rock County tests the Outdoor Warning System sirens on a monthly basis from April through October every year. The sirens are tested at 12:05 pm on the first Wednesday of the month unless RockCounty is threatened with inclement weather at the time. In the event that there is a chance of inclement weather, siren testing will be postponed until 12:05 pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

The Rock County Outdoor Warning System will conduct monthly siren tests on August 6th, 2014 at 12:05 pm. The test signal will be 1 -2 minutes in duration.Please tune in to your local radio stations or weather radios for all weather related information and instructions when the sirens are sounded.

Test Signal vs. Tornado Warning
  • Test Signal: Steady tone lasting1 – 2 minutes 
  • Tornado Warning: Steady tone lasting 3 – 5 minutes 
In the event of a tornado warning, the sirens will alert steadily for three to five minutes. This lengthy alert tone will indicate that citizens should immediately take shelter and tune in to local broadcasting stations or weather radios for further information.

Citizens are reminded that they should not call the Rock County 911 Communications Center or local radio stations for weather information. If residents find that the siren in their area is not working, they should contact the Rock County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Management Bureau at 608-758-8440. For further information on the Outdoor Warning System, please visit