Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MPD Press Release - Suspicious Person

The City of Milton Police Department would like to warn local business owners about a suspicious person that has been coming into area businesses for the past several weeks and asking to wait in the business. The adult male subject asks to use the phone and dials six digits beginning with “921”. He also tells the owner/employee that he is in Milton to buy a car and needs to wait out of the cold for hours. He has also said that he doesn’t have enough money to get gas to travel to Madison and has to wait for his girlfriend to come and get him. He has also said that he is in town from Portage to look at a car and needed a place to wait until the evening. He uses these excuses to ask for a place to wait out of the cold. He has done this at approximately four local businesses and at three of them the employees have given him money. Two businesses have found this activity to be suspicious and have contacted the Milton Police Department after the subject has left the area.

The Milton Police Department would like to alert local businesses about this suspicious person and to ask for their help in locating him if they have had similar contacts with him. His behavior is suspicious because he has presented himself at numerous businesses in the recent past, asked to wait in the business for hours, and has given all businesses different reasons for needing to be in their business. He is described as a white male, approximately 5’9”, 180 lbs., early 30’s, brown hair, jeans, and maybe drives a white car. He has been to businesses in the Merchant Row area and E. Madison Avenue. If any business has contact with him in the future, please call dispatch at 608-757-2244 or 911 and ask for an officer to be dispatched to their location to talk with this subject. At this point he has not committed any crimes that we are aware of, however, we would like to interview him and potentially thwart any crimes before they occur.