Monday, April 13, 2015

Lunch-N-Learn Seminar - Incorporating the Arts into Downtown

Lunch-N-Learn Seminar

The Lunch-N-Learn - Incorporating the Arts into Downtown will take place on April 22nd at Charming B's, 819 E. High Street.  Order lunch at Charming B's at 11:30 a.m. and join us in the Conference Room for an educational, live webinar that will begin on screen at Noon.

This webinar highlights strategies for incorporating the arts into the fabric of your community. Panelists will discuss strategies for incorporating arts into your district, your events, and your local culture. Whether you are looking to make connections with local artists, find inspiration for your next event or enliven your public spaces, information provided in this webinar can help expand the presence of the arts in your community.

Any questions:  Please call MACC Executive Director Dani Stivarius at 608-868-6222.

For more details, please visit: Arts in Downtown Webinar Invite