Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Press Release: Kids Don't Float - Life Jacket Loaner Station

Sheriff Spoden is pleased to announce, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to offer the “Kids Don’t Float” life jacket loaner station. The purpose of this program is to promote safe boating and help ensure all boats are properly equipped with personal flotation devices, as the law requires.

The Sheriff encourages all boaters to complete a pre-inspection before launch to ensure all safety items are on board. Wisconsin Law requires all vessels (including canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards) must have at least one USCG- approved Type I, II, III, or V life jacket for each person on board. In addition to the requirement for life jackets, one USCG – approved Type IV PFD, must be on board vessels 16 feet or longer and be readily accessible. Life jackets must also be in good/serviceable condition and of proper size for the intended wearer.

If you find, after pre-inspection you are missing a required life jacket you will now be able to borrow one at no cost, and return it after use. This station is equipped with adult, children, infant, and Type IV personal floatation devices. This program is honor based, and Deputies will inspect the station weekly.

This project will start Memorial weekend and the station will be located at the Newville Public Boat Landing off of N. Ellendale Dr, until Labor Day. This will be the first “Kids Don’t Float” loaner station available in Rock County, and the Sheriff hopes to expand the project to additional public boat landings in 2016.

Please direct any questions to Deputy Krahn at 608-757-7932.

Robert D. Spoden