Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to the "Milton Matters" Blog

I consider it a great privilege to serve as your City Administrator, and am pleased to have been in this position since April of 2003. One important function of the City Administrator position is to coordinate effective communications with you and other members of the public.

Blogging has quickly become a popular communication tool for many, which presents an opportunity to share more City information with the public. My hope is that the "Milton Matters" blog will be a way for me to share timely information with you about City issues, community happenings, and important reminders. Who knows... from time to time I may throw in some insights into what I'm up to away from the office, which often has something to do with my family (which includes my wife, Tonya, and two children, Sydney & Sawyer).

In order to make this blog most effective, I would like your input on items you'd like me to blog about. If you have questions or curiosities about the City, please let me know. If you have ever thought to yourself "why does the City do that?", this is your chance to get the answers. Please contact me directly with your suggestions. My e-mail address is, or your may call my office at 608-868-6900 x4.

I look forward to enjoying this blogging journey with all of you. Welcome to "Milton Matters".