Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pool Discussion is Good Discussion

There has been interesting talk in Milton recently about a few big projects, two of which are the High School / Middle School building project and the YMCA / Crossridge Park development. Whether you support these projects or not, all could probably admit that these projects are significant.

Both projects also include the potential for a pool facility. Public feedback from various sources has clearly demonstrated a need for an improved pool facility in the community. In my opinion, this issue and the public interest sets the stage for a possible collaboration between the District and the YMCA.

I recently attended a meeting which included officials from both the Milton School District and the YMCA of Northern Rock County. An article about this meeting was published in the Janesville Gazette on March 5, 2009 ( It was very encouraging to observe a willingness by all involved to have a conversation about how collaboration on a pool facility could be possible.

Certainly a good share of study and research will be necessary to go from point A to B in this discussion, but at least the discussion is underway. I must give kudos to District Superintendent Bernie Nikolay for putting this issue forward. Who knows where this discussion might lead, but in the least it will be given meaningful consideration.

For those interested in more information on these projects, here's a few links to check out: