Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Property Assessment Q&A Video Now Available

The City's assessment and revaluation process can be very confusing. Terms like "full value maintenance", "equalized value", "fair market value", "Board of Review", etc., are not widely understood by the general public. People often are confused about how property values and taxes inter-relate with one another.

I can certainly understand the confusion. For this reason, City Clerk/Treasurer Nancy Zastrow and I worked together with City Assessor Lee DeGroot to record a Q&A video. The goal of this video is to answer in a straight forward way many of the common questions and misunderstandings regarding property assessments.

To view the video, visit Then select "Assessment Q&A" in the drop down menu and click "Submit". Click on the black box to play the video. If you have additional questions after watching the video feel free to contact Nancy or me at City Hall at 868-6900 or by e-mail at