Friday, August 28, 2009

Reminders About Fall Yard Waste Collection Programs

The first day of fall is September 21….less than a month away. Fall is a great time of year to get our yards cleaned up for the winter. The City is here to help you do that in several ways.

  • Yard Waste: The city provides a yard waste bin at the Public Works Garage (behind the Fire Station). This bin is open 24/7 April 27- November 20. This is intended for grass clippings, leaves, small green twigs, raw garden waste, tree seeds, pine cones, and flowering plants. Those using the drop-off bin should be responsible by throwing trash in the trash cans and using the bin for ONLY yard waste. Please do not leave bags in the bin.
  • Brush: City crews will pick up brush during the month of September. Place your brush in the terrace in neat organized piles with the cut ends all facing towards the curb. Brush should be less than 6” in diameter and less than 10’ in length. That is all the chipper machine can handle. Now is a good time to check your trees and shrubs near sidewalks and streets. City ordinances require clearance of 8’ above sidewalks and 15’ above streets. If you do not get your brush out during this time, the next collection is scheduled for January.
  • Curbside Leaf Collection: The City will have the leaf vacuum, otherwise known as the "elephant truck", on the streets October 10-November 22 (time and weather permitting) to suck up leaves you have raked into the curb area. Please do not rake other waste into the street. The elephant truck can only handle so much and other items plug up the "snout". Also keep in mind that the elephant truck has problems getting right up close to parked cars. The Public Works employees travel throughout the city checking every street several times throughout the collection time frame. Remember that putting your leaves to the curb for collection helps the City's stormwater system. Uncollected leaves end up making their way to the stormwater inlets, which clogs the mains and also adds debris to the detention basins.

Anyone with questions about these programs should contact the Public Works Department at 868-6914 or by e-mail at