Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 21st is the Day - Get Ready for Roundabouts

The State has notified the City that the newly re-routed Highway 59 will be set to open to traffic on November 21st. Obviously, weather and other complications could delay that, but their target is the 21st. That's right around the corner! I don't really expect there to be any big fanfare or a ribbon cutting ceremony (as this picture suggests), but it will certainly be a change for motorists that travel that route.

In addition to a new signalized intersection by the Burger King / Funeral Home area on STH 26, this stretch of roadway will also have three new roundabouts. Some people like roundabouts, while others despise them. Despite your preferences, one fact is true… Roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections. We have dedicated a page on our website to giving a introduction to the roundabout, how it works, and how to safely use them. Check it out at You can even view a video about roundabouts on the State's DOT website by clicking here.