Thursday, November 5, 2009

United Ethanol Updates

Recently United Ethanol presented a plan for improving situations involving odors and relations with plant neighbors. They called it an "Odor Response Action Plan". I posted a copy on the City website at The City's Planning Commission approved this plan, and is hopeful and anxious to see results. Until the plan is fully implemented, United Ethanol will be providing monthly status updates. Here's the first update:

As part of their plan, United Ethanol will be providing more public information about plant operations. They are beginning to do this using a blog on their website. You can check it out at

I also want to take a moment to highlight an "editorial viewpoint" offered by the Janesville Gazette in response to the action plan. A copy of that viewpoint is posted here: I appreciate the Gazette's willingness to grant United Ethanol "patience" in working through this plan. The City also agrees with the Gazette in its hope that this effort finally leads to a resolution that will bring conditions that the neighbors will find more tolerable.