Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Event Parking Guidelines

Below is text from a recent press release issued by the Police Department regarding Milton's snow event parking guidelines:

In a proactive effort to partner with our citizens and our Department of Public Works to keep Milton’s streets clear of snow and ice during snow events, the Milton Police Department is informing citizens of our strict enforcement policies as it pertains to Milton’s snow parking ordinance.

City of Milton Ordinance 70-155 (a): “Parking during and after snow storms”. The ordinance specifically states “No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle on any street or municipal parking lot in the city after a snowfall of 1 ½ inches in depth until after the snow from such street or parking lot has been removed, or plowed to the curb.

In an effort to be more efficient in our enforcement of this ordinance the police department will NOT be waiting until the snow plows pass vehicles before citing them. Instead the police department will be issuing citations to vehicles found to be violating the ordinance as they see them through the course of routine patrol, after the 1 ½ inches of snow is noted. Simply put, if your car is out on the street and there is more than 1 ½ inches of the snow, per this ordinance and in an effort to improve our efficiency in enforcing it, Officers will be issuing citations to violating vehicles when they see them, and not waiting until snow plows have passed by. If vehicles continue to obstruct snow removal efforts in violation of this ordinance, they may be eventually be towed. The fine for a violation of this ordinance is $38.00.

Our objective in this enforcement strategy is not to write more tickets or tow cars, but instead to ensure swift compliance with this ordinance throughout our community. The ordinance was created and is enforced to ensure the effective and efficient removal of snow and ice from our community’s roadways following snow events. Your cooperation in following the ordinance helps keep city crews working efficiently, and helps keep Milton’s roadways clear of ice and snow.

If you have questions about the ordinance or our enforcement of it, please contact the Milton Police Department at 608-868-6910.