Friday, February 26, 2010

March 2nd Council Meeting Commentary

Welcome to March! The Council will hold its first meeting of the month tomorrow night, March 2nd, at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers (lower level of the Shaw Municipal Building, 430 E. High St.). Here's a copy of the agenda:

One item I'd like to highlight is #5.b on the agenda, "Proposal to Add Citizen Members to Council Standing Committees". The Council has three committees which are made up entirely of members of the Council. The Public Works Committee, Public Safety Committee, and Personnel and Finance Committee are each made up of three Council members.

In order to promote government transparency and citizen interaction, the Council will be discussing the possibility of adding citizen members to these committees in addition to the Council members. While this may seem like an easy thing to change, it could actually be quite difficult. The committee membership for these three committees is created by the City's "charter ordinance". And, when changing a charter ordinance, it is possible that a referendum may be required.

This item is in the initial discussion phase. Should the Council wish to pursue this further, there's be future agenda items on the topic.