Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's That??? Winner!

The first winner of the “What’s That???” contest is Dan Bekta. The correct response was Oak Ridge Golf Course. The photo was the bottom of a golf cup. Now, Dan has informed me that he plans to win all of these. So, let that stand as a challenge to the rest of you!

Oak Ridge Golf Course is an 18 hole course located right here in Milton. Click here for a map.

Rates range from $12 to $40 depending on how many holes you want to play, the day you’re golfing, and whether you want to walk or ride in a golf cart. All summer long on Friday mornings, you can golf 9 holes for only $5.

Do you need a little work on your golf swing? Never golfed before, but you want to start? Oak Ridge Golf Course offers 30 minute lessons for $30.

For more information about Oak Ridge Golf Course, log on to their website at or call (608) 868-4353.