Monday, June 7, 2010

Wisconsin's New Insured Motorist Laws

Effective June 1st, 2010 the State of Wisconsin began requiring drivers operating a motor vehicle to have auto insurance and to carry with them proof of that insurance. What this means for our drivers is that should you have the opportunity to meet one of our police officers via either a traffic stop or at a motor vehicle accident, the Officer will be asking to see not only your driver’s license, but will now also be asking to see, as required by law, proof of auto insurance.

The following is a brief overview of new laws and their respective fine amounts associated with violations:

  • Statute 344.62(1) - Operating a motor vehicle w/out insurance - $114.00*
  • Statute 344.62(2) - Operating a motor vehicle w/out proof of insurance - $10.00*

*Note: Fine amounts listed are for Milton Municipal Court and may be higher if stopped in another jurisdiction.

The Milton Police Department is asking drivers to please note that these new laws require BOTH insurance when operating a motor vehicle AND proof of automobile insurance. Failure to do either may result in a citation being issued. If any of you has questions about the new law and what is required, please contact the Milton Police Department at 808-6910 or by e-mail at