Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulations Milton Girls Swim Team-STATE CHAMPS

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to catch up on some articles from our local weekly newspaper the Milton Courier. Without a doubt the ones that stood out were those congratulating our Milton High School Girls Swim Team and their bringing home a State Championship, the first ever for Milton in girls swimming. As I read the articles and the accomplishments of these young women, I thought about the sacrifices that parents, coaches and those student athletes make to achieve such an accomplishment. I am glad that our local newspapers give them the coverage and the credit they so deserve. I am also proud to live in a community where parents, kids, coaches and our community come together to support the efforts of all of our co-curricular activities we have here in Milton.

Much is written about young people getting in trouble and juvenile delinquency. Those issues are serious, and need attention. But it was nice to read about a team of young people committing themselves to excellence, and celebrating the success that hard work and dedication can bring. I am glad our local newspaper covered this great story so well, as the accomplishment of first year Coach Kristin Lehman and her team are now forever a part of Milton's proud athletic history. Thank you, 2010 Milton High School Girls Swim Team Division 2 State Champions, for your dedication and commitment to hard work made you a part of Milton's history that makes all of us in our community proud.