Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembering our Veterans on Nov. 11th

Although I don't do as many blog posts as I'd like (and quite frankly our Community Services Manager Inga Jacobson is much better at it than I am), I do feel the need to write this post annually, a post that asks all of our Milton residents to take time on Veterans Day and remember those who have served or are still serving in our armed forces.
Working in government often means taking an oath of office. When I think about the words that are read at a Council meeting when we swear in a newly elected official, or swear in a new police officer, they reference words like duty and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Those words depict the values that many in our City spent time defending and deployed in tours of duty fighting to protect. Pincipled values that some even died for.
All of our Veterans who have served in the armed services made many sacrifices, some even the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may live in a great community, in the greatest nation on earth. I am proud to live in a City that celebrates America the way we do here in Milton each 4th of July with one of the best celebrations in the region, and feel fortunate to know so many dedicated service men and women who helped preserve those freedoms we all celebrate annually and enjoy each and every day as citizens of the United States. Please join me in taking time this Veterans Day to thank our Veterans for the many sacrifices they have made and for their dedicated service to our Country. We remain forever grateful for their service.
-Jerry Schuetz
City Administrator
City of Milton