Monday, January 16, 2012

Milton 4K - 6th Students Fundraising for the Splash Park Next Week

Milton students are going to help raise money for the splash park next week!  Below is the announcement from the school district.

Students in grades 4K - 6th are invited to take part in a competitive fundraising activity across the district to promote the Goodrich Square Splash Pad.  At the end of the school day during the week of January 23rd through January 27th, monies collected by all grade levels that day will be counted, added by grade levels across the district, and the winning grade level will be announced the following day.  Competition will continue throughout the week.  Students in the winning grade level at the end of the week will be awarded the grand prizes.  All funds raised will be donated to the Community of Milton's Goodrich Square Splash Park.

All funds will begin being collected at each building as of Monday, January 23rd.  Any and all money will be greatly appreciated and put to a great use as part of this project.  We will accept pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, etc.  Checks for donations may also be sent, payable to: Goodrich Square Splash Park Fund.  Once again, all donations will be tracked by grade level each day.  While the ultimate goal is to focus on helping the Splash Pad as a whole, our fun during the course of the week will be to compete by grade levels as we collect the donations.

In an effort to help get ready for the summer fun, students at all grade levels will be invited to celebrate by having a "Summer Splash Day" on Wednesday, January 25th.  Students are invited to bring out their summer splash pad wear: shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals or flip flops for indoor wear only (please note that students should still have appropriate footwear for outdoors and P.E. classes), sunglasses, etc.  Lets pretend it's 80 degrees in the shade for the day!!

So, join in the fun and lets start to plan ahead for Summer 2012!