Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Safe Winter Driving Tips and Winter Parking Regulations

As we begin to prepare for our first winter snowstorm, please note the following winter driving tips and reminders from Police Chief Dan Layber about the City's snow parking ordinance.

With the good possibility of snow arriving in the area over the next few days please remember the following when driving on slick roads with reduced visibility. Common sense says to monitor the weather, travel only when necessary, keep your speed down, and drive defensively. Also, prepare your vehicle. Extreme temperatures can be hard on vehicles. Check the fluids, ensuring the radiator is winterized, the gas tank is over half full, and there is plenty of windshield washing fluid. Check tire treads for adequate traction, and replace wiper blades if they are ineffective.

On the road remember the following:
+ Allow extra time for delays and slower traffic speeds.
+ Buckle up and properly secure children in safety seats.
+ Increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Ice and snow significantly increase your stopping distance.
+ Accelerate and brake gently.
+ Make turns slowly and gradually.
+ Clean frost and snow of all windows, mirrors, and lights.
+ If your car loses traction and begins to slide, steer into the swerve, or in the direction you want to go.

If the City of Milton receives more than 1.5 inches of snow remember that vehicles cannot be parked on streets or in municipal lots until the roadway has been cleared by plows. You can be ticketed if your vehicle is in the roadway during these conditions and the fine is $38. Also, tickets can be issued before the plows start working so please don’t try to guess when they will start cleanup operations.