Thursday, September 27, 2012

Press Release - Lunch with a Cop

Today is the first "Lunch With A Cop" at Northside Intermediate School.  Below is a press release from Milton Police Lieutenant John Conger that was released yesterday about the program.

Tomorrow we will be hosting our first “Lunch With A Cop” at Northside Intermediate School in Mr. Sersch’s 5th Grade class. This programming is part of our partnership with the Milton Youth Coalition and their focus on the topic of Bullying in our community. 

During the lunch an officer will have an open dialogue with students about the topic. The students will be requested to anonymously submit examples of Bullying that they are aware of, or have been a victim of, and those examples will be used to drive the conversation. There will also be a brief video shown to the students that has a very strong Anti-Bullying message and encourages students to stand up for others that are being bullied and report the behavior to a trusted adult. The students will then have a live demonstration on how to use the anonymous link to report Bullying that is on the City of Milton website. Finally, the students will be asked to elect a responsible class member to be the “go-to” person for issues involving Bullying. That student will be awarded a bright orange bracelet to signify their selection into that role. 

We would like to thank Varsity Lanes for sponsoring this lunch by providing the class with pizza. Additional food, drink and supplies are being funded by the Norsthside Student Council and the Milton Police Department’s Crime Prevention Fund.