Thursday, September 5, 2013

Outside Water Meters Available

News sources are reporting that drought conditions have returned to parts of Wisconsin, specifically in southwest and west-central Wisconsin.  Milton is currently considered "abnormally dry" based on the graphic above, and staff wants to make residents aware of their options to save money on outdoor watering costs.

Picture of an outside water meter
Residents in the City of Milton can rent outside water meters.  The rental fee is $10 per month with a $75 security deposit.  After the meter is returned to City Hall, the sewer charges will be credited to the water account.  The breakeven point is 1,700 gallons of water usage per month.  You will still pay the cost of the water used, but won't pay the typical sewer charges that go along with the quantity of use. 

For more information about outside water meters, review the brochure available online or at City Hall.

To obtain an outside water meter, visit City Hall (430 E. High Street) to pay the fee and security deposit and pick one up.