Friday, October 4, 2013

Press Release - Officer Jim Martin Testified at a Public Hearing about Cyberbullying

Below is a press release from Milton Police Chief Dan Layber.

Yesterday, October 3, 2013, Officer Jim Martin of the City of Milton Police Department testified at a public hearing at the Wisconsin State Capitol, in the Senate Chambers, in support of Senate Bill 184 which addresses cyberbullying in schools. 
  • SB 184 requires that the Department of Public Instruction’s model policy on bullying include cyberbullying. 
  • Under current law, sending a threatening/abusive email is a Class B misdemeanor. This bill expands current law to include the posting of a threatening/abusive electronic message (via Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as a Class B Misdemeanor. 
  • Under current law, any person who sends an obscene/lewd/profane email is subject to a fine of up to $1,000. This bill expands current law to include the posting of obscene/lewd/profane material or language (via Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
State Senator Tim Cullen is the sponsor of this legislation that will enhance state law in regard to electronic use of social media sites to threaten others and those who post obscene/lewd/profane messages. In this day and age, negative postings on sites such as Facebook and Twitter has greatly expanded and this enhanced legislation will give law enforcement extra tools to deal with these issues. Officer Martin is the School Resource Officer at Milton High School and has had many dealings with these issues throughout his years in the schools. We hope that his expert testimony will help move this bill along towards passage.