Thursday, June 26, 2014

City of Milton Announces First Day of Operations in New Police Department/City Hall/Municipal Court Building

Mayor Frazier and the City of Milton Common Council are pleased to announce the first day of operations at the City’s new Police Department/City Hall and Municipal Court building will be on July 7th, 2014. 
The interior of the new facility is scheduled for final completion during the week of June 23-June 27th.   The City’s public works department is coordinating the move of both the police department and city hall staff during the week of June 23-27, with final technology components scheduled for installation on July 1st and 2nd.  The inclement weather this week has delayed the pouring of the facility’s parking lot, which is now scheduled to take place on June 26-27th.

City Hall offices, support services offices at the Police Department and Municipal Court Clerk office will be closed to the public on Thursday July 3rd, 2014, and Friday, July 4th, 2014. City staff in all Departments will be working during that time to ensure a safe and efficient move to the new building, as they move from their current buildings to the new facility. The Milton Police Department will continue to be operational throughout the move for all emergency and non-emergency responses.

City staff in all departments will continue serving the public to the very best of our ability during the move.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work through this exciting transitional period in our City’s proud history. We look forward to welcoming the public to the new building on July 7th, 2014.  An official open-house, including a public dedication and tour of the new facility will be scheduled for the first week in August.