Monday, May 10, 2010

May 24th - Bicycle Tour of City Projects

Last year I began a tradition of guiding Spring and Summer bike rides around the City to provide information on various City projects. Here's a link to a blog post that highlighted the very first "Tour de Milton" which was held last September:

Below are details on the Spring 2010 Tour de Milton.

What: Tour of various municipal projects (both current and future) occurring in Milton. City Administrator Todd Schmidt will guide the tour.

When: Monday, May 24th - Leaving City Hall Parking Lot at 5:00 PM for about a 2-hour ride (although riders may leave the tour early if necessary). In the event of rain or strong threat of rain, the ride will be cancelled and scheduled for a later date.

Details: Milton City Administrator Todd Schmidt invites anyone who has interest in learning about city projects and enjoys bike riding to participate in this event. This bike tour will include stops around the city to highlight and explain some of the major public projects that are or will be occurring in 2010 and beyond. The level of biking experience needed will be minimal. There will be some hills, but the pace will be relatively slow. Those participating should plan to wear light colored clothing and bike helmets. The group will enjoy a Police Department Bike Patrol escort by our very own Chief Jerry Schuetz.

For questions please contact me (Todd) directly at 868-6900 (x4) or