Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update on High St. Project

Many people in the community have asked the City for details on the High St. reconstruction / resurfacing project. While all details are not yet in order, with this post I hope to provide some information. One complication is that this project was bid and is being administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation because stimulus funding is involved. So, that limits the amount of information that the City has at its fingertips.

I guarantee you that a public informational meeting on this project will be held prior to the beginning of construction. I'm anticipating a meeting to occur near the tail-end of May or very early June. We are currently working with the State's engineers to try and nail down a date. We also want the construction company involved in the meeting as well, but the lead representative from that company is now recovering from a serious illness. Long story short, we are trying to put all the pieces together and it is not as easy as just setting a date and being done with it. So, thank you for your ongoing patience. Please stay tuned for more information to be provided in the very near future.

Following are the currently known facts regarding the project:

  • Project Scope: Running east to west from John Paul Rd. to Janesville St., the High St. project consists of the removal of the existing pavement and base materials, placement of new base and asphalt surface, and spot replacement of curb and gutter. Generally, the new pavements will be reestablished to existing elevations. However, in areas where there are steep cross slopes (such as in front of the High School) the pavement elevations will be changed to lessen the severity of the slopes.

  • Start Date: Per the construction contract, work on this project may begin no earlier than June 14th. People may have seen and will be seeing other work happening in the area prior to that date. Alliant Energy has been lowering the gas main in the terraces. The City also has some work to do on some of the utility infrastructure along High St.

  • Street Closure: High Street will be closed to through traffic from John Paul Road to Janesville Street. Cross street traffic will be maintained at intersecting side streets. The detour route will be John Paul Road, Madison Avenue, and Janesville Street.

  • Driveway Access: Interruptions to driveway access will take place when excavation work is taking place directly in front of individual driveways and when concrete curb and gutter and/or driveway aprons are replaced. Driveway access must always be provided in the evenings, except in cases where a new driveway apron is poured (which is only a few of the properties in the project area). In cases like that the contractor will work with the homeowner regarding the timing of the project and alternative accommodations for parking.

  • 4th of July Activities: Between July 1st and July 5th, the contractor is required to maintain packed gravel access to the site at a minimum. Portions of the street may still consist of existing pavement. The traffic control signage will be adjusted to allow traffic into the park for that period of time. No work on the site will take place between July 2nd and July 5th and also September 3rd through September 7th.

  • Historic Features: The stone wall fronting the Milton College Historic District will not be modified.

  • Further Information: More information will be known once the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the contractor, Frank Brothers, Inc. provide the City with a schedule and conduct a pre-construction conference. That information should be known around late May and early June.

  • Contacts: At the yet-to-be-scheduled public informational meeting citizens will be provided with contact information for the contractor representatives. Local contacts include Howard Robinson, City of Milton Director of Public Works, at 608-868-6914 and Gary Vogel, City Engineer with Baxter & Woodman, Inc., at 262-763-7834.