Thursday, May 20, 2010

Milton to Participate in Click It or Ticket Campaign

The Milton Police Department will be participating in the national Click It or Ticket campaign that will take place May 24th through June 6th. Below is a press release from Patrol Officer Kyle Johnson.

The Milton Police Department would like to announce participation in the upcoming national Click It or Ticket campaign. This initiative will take place May 24 to June 6. During this time, officers will be patrolling with extra attention focused on traffic violations. Specifically, officers will be looking for compliance with Wisconsin’s mandatory seatbelt law. Motorists are reminded enforcement of this law was broadened in 2009, and allows officers to stop unbuckled individuals, even if no other violation is observed.

Officers will be concentrating on seatbelt violations and tickets will be issued for those who need a reminder to buckle up. The purpose of this is not to issue more tickets, but to get compliance from individuals who may think they do not need to use seatbelts. Wisconsin has one of the lowest rates of seatbelt use in the nation, but this leaves room for improvement. Seatbelts are the best way to prevent people from being ejected from a vehicle during a crash. Quite simply, seatbelts save lives and prevent serious injuries.

As Memorial Day approaches, Wisconsin’s roads will become busier with vacationing motorists. Drivers are asked to allow extra time in case of congestion. With busy roads, there is no room for negligent behavior. Travel at safe speeds and avoid the combination of alcohol and driving. Drivers are asked to buckle up, and make all passengers do as well. With your cooperation, we can make the vacation season safer, and work towards Wisconsin’s goal of zero traffic deaths.