Thursday, February 16, 2012

Distracted Driving Awareness Program

Below is a press release from Milton Police Lieutenant John Conger regarding an upcoming Distracted Driving Awareness Program.

On Thursday, February 23rd we will be hosting a Distracted Driving Simulation activity in conjunction with Mercy Health System’s ThinkFirst program, and the Milton School District. The event will be held at Milton High School, during the high school basketball game that evening. The simulation will begin at 6pm, and continue throughout the game. The activity is an interactive set-up, in which, those participating will be playing a driving-based video game, and be asked to use your cell phone to make calls, send text message, etc. The activity is designed to make those of driving-age aware of the dangers of multitasking while operating a motor vehicle.

In 2009, more than 5,400 people died in the United States in motor vehicle crashes that were reported to be the result of a distracted driver. Additionally, approximately 448,000 people were injured in crashes of that nature. 

Teens and family members are encouraged to participate in this event and then sign a distracted driver pledge, indicating they will not engage in distracting activities while driving a vehicle.