Friday, February 24, 2012

New Economic Development Initiatives in the City of Milton

The economy is continuing to recover from the recession and the City of Milton in partnership with the Milton Area Commerce Industry and Tourism (MACCIT) organization is exploring and implementing initiatives to assist the business community with regional economic development initiatives. The first three of those initiatives include the creation of the Small Business Development Loan Fund, the establishment of our jointly formed Small Business Task Force, and a formal review of the City of Milton’s regulations related to our sign code.

The Small Business Development Loan Fund is a joint project between the City of Milton and two of the City’s community banks, the Bank of Milton and First Community Bank. With donations from all three sources, a fund was developed that will grant loans to small businesses for capital purchases and other qualifying start up costs. The fund will assist small businesses in making investments in the City and help them get their small businesses started, providing one additional resource for entrepreneurs who are seeking to begin a small business in the City of Milton.

The Small Business Task Force is a joint project between the City of Milton and the MACCIT, and is designed to provide a venue for small businesses to communicate with city staff, and MACCIT’s executive director whereby business owners can enter a quarterly dialogue, learn about best practices, and network with similar businesses in helping the community best promote Milton’s business community. The first task force meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. at Ott Schweitzer, 616 Gateway Drive, Milton, WI.

The City’s review of our sign code is an on-going point of discussion among the Common Council, city staff, and the business community. Mayor Chesmore and MACCIT’s economic development committee endorsed a formal review of the code, which was authorized by the City’s Plan Commission earlier this month. The City decided to start reviewing the sign code to make it more business friendly and easier to understand.

For additional information about these initiatives, contact MACCIT Executive Director Christina Slaback at 608-868-6222 or City Administrator Jerry Schuetz at 608-868-6900 ext. 4.