Friday, October 26, 2012

Absentee Voting Information

Here is some information about absentee voting from City Clerk Michelle Ebbert.

 What is Absentee Voting?  
Absentee voting was created to allow voters a chance to vote that could not vote on Election Day. Some voters experienced difficulty in getting to the voting polls. Absentee voting allows a ballot be mailed to the voter’s home for convenience. Voters that were to be out of town on Election Day were also able to Absentee Voting by voting In-House, or at City Hall. 

When will my ballot be counted?  
Absentee ballots are counted on Election Day. One of the duties of Pollworkers is to process the absentee ballots. The procedure is as follows: Pollworker takes one absentee ballot to the Greeter table and collects a voter numbered card. The Pollworker presents the ballot and number card to the appropriate alphabetized table. Pollworkers states name and address on the absentee ballot and presents the voter number. Pollworker then takes the number card to the ballot table to deposit the card. Pollworker opens the envelope and inserts the ballot into the machine. Without the voter being present, if a ballot is rejected for voter error, the Pollworker is not able to communicate with the voter to determine the voters’ intent. The ballot is processed as is.  

What if my Absentee Ballot is rejected for an error?  
Without the voter being present, it cannot be made clear the voter’s intent. Voting in person on Election Day at the polls, allows the chance to correct any errors if a ballot is rejected. 

Why is it called ‘early voting’?  
That we cannot answer. Candidates are urging voters to ‘early vote’. We do not call it ‘early voting’ because the ballot is not being ran through the machine prior to Election Day. It is called Absentee Voting because the voter will be absent on Election Day. 

Do I have to Absentee Vote?  
 Absolutely not! We welcome all voters on Election Day. Staff prepares weeks in advance for Election Day, from preparing the signage, layout and printing the poll books. Pollworkers are annually trained on procedures, law changes and how to handle certain circumstances. Pollworkers are eager to serve all City of Milton voters on Election Day. 

Election Day is November 6th polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Please be sure to vote and pick up your ‘I Voted’ sticker!