Monday, May 6, 2013

Area Businesses - Participate in the Job Shadow Program

Below is information from the Milton Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) and the School District of Milton about a job shadow program.  

The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce and Milton School District are expanding partnership opportunities by collaborating in a Job Shadow Program.

Our local chamber is working with representatives from the High School to facilitate learning opportunities between students and our local business community. By working together, we are bridging the gap between school and local businesses to expose students to new areas of the workforce.

We are looking for area business representatives who would welcome the opportunity to share your industry knowledge by selecting one of the following:
  • Classroom or Small Group Presentation: present to a classroom or small group of students about your career or business/industry (30-50 minute presentation)
  • Tour: facilitate a guided tour of your business to a small group of students
  • Employee Shadow: individuals or a small group of students would come to your business to observe a specific career. The amount of time is flexible, ranging from one hour to weekly visits. 
During each of these outreach opportunities, information that might be covered would include: what does a typical day look like, what high school classes prepared you for your job, what post-secondary education is required for your line of work, what are the pro/cons of your position, what are some interview/resume tips or what are some skills that you see in successful employees?

School is almost out, however we would like to provide a few opportunities yet in May.

Please contact the Milton Area Chamber of Commerce regarding your interest ASAP, so that we can connect you with the school staff and students to arrange the best day/time that works with your business schedule.  

MACC Contact: 868.6222 or 

Thank you for helping provide a valuable learning opportunity for our local high school students!

Students were surveyed and below is a short list of professions that they have shown interest in. Does your business provide services in any of these areas? If so, we would appreciate having you share your expertise with students in our Job Shadow Program!
  • Advertising/Marketing 
  • Engineering 
  • Architect 
  • Lawyer 
  • Doctor (varied: dentist, dermatologist, neonatologist, ophthalmology, pharmacist, chiropractic, pathologist, medical nurse/doctor) 
  • Police / Firefighter / Detective 
  • Psychologist / Psychiatrist 
  • Photography Athletic Trainer