Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Warning System: Siren Retest Cancelled - Severe Weather Forecasted

The test of the Outdoor Warning System that was scheduled for last week was rescheduled to today; however, the test has been cancelled today due to a potentially severe storm system.  Below is a press release from the Rock County Sheriff's Office.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office and 911 Communications Center have canceled the outdoor warning siren test that was rescheduled for today, June 12th, 2013 at 12:05 pm. 

At this time, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office is closely monitoring a potentially severe storm system that is traveling towards the Midwest, expected to reach the Rock County area tomorrow morning. The greatest concerns with this storm system are straight line winds and the increased potential for isolated tornados. Winds could exceed 75 miles per hour and the National Weather Service is watching the storm system for the increased risk of a derecho, a significantly damaging windstorm that accompanies severe thunderstorms. 

With the threat of severe weather approaching, it is advised that citizens prepare ahead of time and have resources available in the event that this storm causes power outages and damage. 

Tips for Weathering the Storm: 
  • Have a NOAA Weather Radio ready. The outdoor warning sirens are intended for you to hear outside so you may not hear them indoors. 
  • Charge your mobile phones and be ready in case power outages occur. 
  • Have a list of emergency contacts and information available. 
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit with essentials. See for ideas about what you could consider essential depending on your family size and members, including pets. 
  • Have a safety plan in place for your family. Know where to go if severe weather threatens the area.
In the event of an actual tornado warning, the sirens will alert steadily for three to five minutes. This alert will indicate that citizens should immediately take shelter and tune in to local broadcasting stations or weather radios for further information.

Test Signal vs. Tornado Warning 
  • Test signal: Steady tone lasting 1 – 2 minutes
  • Tornado Warning: Steady tone lasting 3 – 5 minutes 
Citizens are reminded that they should not call the Rock County 911 Communications Center or local radio stations for weather information. Due to the potential intensity of this weather system, we will continue to monitor and provide updates if necessary.