Wednesday, May 14, 2014

City of Milton Changing Traffic Control at E. High Street and Janesville Street

At their last regularly scheduled meeting, the City of Milton Common Council approved a change in traffic signage and control at the intersection of E. High Street and Janesville Street. As recommended by a comprehensive traffic study conducted by the City’s engineering firm Baxter and Woodman late last year, the Council approved the study’s recommendation to have the traffic lights currently at the intersection removed and replace them with two stop signs that regulate east and west bound traffic onto Janesville Street from E. High Street. 

In an effort to help drivers slowly acclimate to the change, effective May 12, 2014 the traffic lights at that intersection were switched to flashing red on E. High Street, which requires a stop, and flashing yellow on Janesville Street, which requires vehicles to proceed through the intersection with caution. The traffic lights will be removed completely and replaced with the stop signs on E. High Street by June 5, 2014.

The Council’s decision to remove the traffic lights are a part of several of the traffic study’s recommended action steps that will be evaluated in the upcoming months as Mayor Brett Frazier and the Common Council remain committed to mitigate the impact of the Highway 26 bypass on existing businesses, maximize the potential of the new Highway 26/Highway 59 corridor and ensure the safe, free-flow of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic throughout the City of Milton. 

For more information about this release please contact City Administrator Jerry Schuetz at 608-868-6900 or