Friday, May 30, 2014

City of Milton to Join Dean Health Care and WISC TV3 in “Act of Kindness Day”

The City of Milton is proud to announce its participation and partnership with Dean Health Care and WISC TV in participating in the Buddy Project’s “Day of Kindness” on June 4, 2014. Mayor Brett J. Frazier will be proclaiming June 4, 2014 as an “Act of Kindness Day” at the City Council’s next regularly scheduled meeting on June 3, 2014. The City’s participation is a part of a larger, global effort.

The City of Milton has been a regional leader in our anti-bullying efforts, which is among the reasons our City was selected to participate. A partnership with the School District of Milton facilitated through the City of Milton Police Department created the Milton Youth Coalition, which is a collaborative group of community partners who meets monthly to create awareness about bullying, and create mechanisms to both report it and prevent it. The group’s theme of “Live the Milton Way-Safe in our Schools and Safe in our Community” has signage throughout Milton’s schools and City parks. 

Being kind is deeply rooted within our community’s culture. As we head into the summer months, we want to emphasize that being kind to each other costs very little, but provides so much value to so many. Participation in the day of kindness is simple. Make that extra effort to be kind to someone on June 4, 2014. 

Examples of things to do include:
  • Kind Acts in the Workplace: 
    • Say good morning to someone you don’t normally talk to
    • Hold the door for someone
    • Tell your co-workers you appreciate them 
  • Kind Acts in the Classroom: 
    • Say hello to someone you don’t normally talk to
    • Study with someone new
    • Tell your teacher you appreciate them and the work they did in teaching you this year
    • Let someone in line go before you
    • Remember to say “please and thank you” to those you interact with
  • Kind Acts in the Community: 
    • Let someone use a piece of park equipment before you
    • Tell someone “good job” for something that they did, be it on a field of play, or some great service you receive at a local business.
Mayor Brett Frazier was quoted as saying that “Participating in the Act of Kindness Day on June 4th celebrates Milton’s community culture of being kind to each other, and illustrates nicely what is so very special about our great City as we promote inclusivity and kindness each and every day”.

For more information on ways on the City’s participation in the Act of Kindness Day, please contact City Administrator Jerry Schuetz at 608-868-6900 or via e-mail at