Friday, January 29, 2010

February 2nd Council Meeting Commentary

The Council will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd. While not a relatively long agenda (click here to view whole agenda), there is one important item that I'd like to highlight: Item 5.d. - RFP for DPW Facility Needs and Site Selection Study.

As part of the 2010 budget, the Common Council included funds to hire a consultant to assist the City in making plans to replace or renovate the aging and crowded DPW facility. City staff have prepared a draft Request For Proposals (also known as an RFP) for the Council to review. As is stated in the draft RFP, the study's purpose is three-fold:
  1. To review and assess the facility needs of the Department, taking into account both current and future needs; and

  2. To perform a review of and offer recommendation on possible site alternatives with a cost/benefit analysis of each potential site; and

  3. To prepare a preliminary cost estimate and construction timeline for facility construction in order to assist the City in financial planning for the project.

If the Council approves this RFP, the City will solicit proposals from consultants who have experiences with DPW garage construction. A final report would be expected by early summer

To view a copy of the draft RFP, which goes in to more depth about the purposes and desired results of this study, you can download the meeting packet for the upcoming Public Works Committee meeting: Below is a picture of the existing DPW garage and office facility.