Friday, January 29, 2010

Sex Offender Release Information

Below is information I received this afternoon from Chief of Police Jerry Schuetz. Any questions may be directed to the Sheriff's Department at 757-8000, as this placement is under the County's authority(but in near proximity to the City).

Sex Offender Release Notification: Charles A. Amble, 8749 N. Clearlake Road, Milton WI,53545

I write this electronic correspondence to all of you to notify you that our Officers will be conducting what is known as a “level 2” notification of a Sex Offender being released within the School District of Milton. At approximately 10:00 am this morning I was notified by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services that a two day trial had of a confined sex offender by the name of Charles A. Amble was scheduled to be released this morning. Amble petitioned the court successfully to have his sexual offender commitment under Wisconsin State Statute 980 overturned, meaning that he would no longer be confined at the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment facility.

Charles Amble has been released to the custody of his parents. He is not on any form of supervision as his sentence has been served, but pursuant to the Statute associated with his original confinement, will be on GPS monitoring.

Rock County Sheriff’s Office administration spoke with Mr. Amble’s parents, and they have arranged for him employment and long term residence in the State of Iowa. Thus, Amble is scheduled to only be in and around the Milton area on a permanent basis for approximately 3-5 days.

Officers of the Milton PD will be hand delivering the Special Bulletin Notice in this e-mail to all School District building administrators, the public library, licensed day care facilities within the City. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office will be mailing notices to residences of this release within 1.5 miles of the Clearlake road residence.

This notice and the forms being disseminated serve as official notice to community stakeholders associated with the release of a Sex Offender within our region. The notice is not designed to, nor should it be a cause for alarm, but instead serves to create community awareness about the release of a convicted sex offender from a secure facility, as prescribed by WI State Statute 301.46 (2m).