Friday, April 19, 2013

Press Release - United Ethanol Update

Press release from Milton Police Lieutenant John Conger.

Rescue operations are still ongoing at United Ethanol. It is unclear how much longer the operation will last.

The grain silo that the individual is in had 140,000 bushels of corn in it at the time of the incident, which is making the rescue challenging.

First responders from sixteen fire departments, two law enforcement agencies and OSHA have responded to the scene. There are nearly 100 public safety workers still on site.

The assisting agencies are;

Rock County Sheriff’s Office
Beloit Fire Department
Janesville Fire Department
Rockford Fire Department
Whitewater Fire Department
Town of Turtle Fire Department
Town of Beloit Fire Department
Clinton Fire Department
Sharon Fire Department
Stateline Area Rescue Team
South Beloit Fire Department
Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department
Evansville Fire Department
Mercy Health System’s – MD1
Cherry Valley Fire Department
Edgerton Fire Department
Southern Wisconsin Emergency Preparedness Team

An update will come when more information is available.