Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 7th Council Meeting Commentary

The Common Council will hold their next meeting this Wednesday, April 7th, beginning earlier than usual at 6:00 PM (view full agenda here). The earlier time is for the purpose of interviewing three engineering/architectural firms who have submitted proposals for doing a Public Works Facility Needs and Site Selection Study (Agenda Item #2).

The purpose of this study is three-fold:
  1. To review and assess the facility needs of the Department, taking into account both current and future needs; and
  2. To perform a review of and offer recommendation on possible site alternatives with a cost/benefit analysis of each potential site; and
  3. To prepare a preliminary cost estimate and construction timeline for facility construction in order to assist the City in financial planning for the project.

You can view the complete Request for Proposal which goes into greater detail on this project on-line at http://www.ci.milton.wi.us/document_detail.aspx?document_id=3076.