Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Touch a Truck" Day

The second grade students at Milton West and East Elementary Schools had a great time participating in "Touch a Truck" on March 23rd. This was the first time the program was provided by the City's Public Works Department, and hopefully not the last. The kids sure enjoyed it, and so did our DPW staff. Special thanks to the event sponsors, Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers ($200 donation - used to buy hard hats) and PrintMax (provided city logo stickers for hard hats).

In this first picture Donnie Zimmerman described all the features of the big snow plow truck. He answered many different questions, including "How much does the tire weigh?", "What does it cost?" and "Are you the guy who hit my mailbox?"

In the next picture Ken Viereck shows off the street sweeper. He showed the giant brushes and the large hopper which holds all of the "sweepings". His questions ranged from "How much do you make?" to "Can you sweep up a kid with that?"

Howard Robinson, the Milton Public Works Director, hands out hard hats featuring the City of Milton logo to all students who participated. Howie polled the crew to find out what some of the other questions were that we heard from our new friends. Here's our favorites:
  • Can it lift a bear?
  • Can girls run this?
  • How many pieces of salt are in the back of the truck?
  • How many bristles on the broom?
  • Why is it rusty?
  • And our favorite... "My dad is the Police Chief."
Thanks so much to the second graders and staff at Milton West and East Elementary Schools. Also, special thanks to the DPW staff who helped out with this program.