Friday, April 30, 2010

May 4th Council Meeting Commentary

The Common Council will hold their next meeting this Tuesday, May 4th, beginning at 7:30 PM (view full agenda here). One specific item to note would be Agenda Item #5.a. - Soccer Complex Lease Agreement. A recent story on this topic was in the Courier, which summarized this project pretty well. You can view the article at

This discussion is in the very early conceptual stages. On April 20th the Common Council formally endorsed the concept, and instructed City staff to put together a draft agreement between the Milton Soccer Club, Inc. and the City. This draft agreement will be reviewed by the Council on May 4th. I would anticipate a couple more meetings before all of the final details are worked out, so there will still be time for public input on this project. If you would like to share your opinion on this project with the whole Common Council you can send an e-mail to

As always, the full Council meeting packet can be viewed on the City's website. Next week's meeting packet is online at