Monday, November 5, 2012

Press Release - STH 26 Bypass Signage Workshop

Below is a press release from the Milton Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (MACCIT) about an upcoming workshop about State Highway 26 Bypass Signage.

The MACCIT organization recognizes the pending impact to all Milton area businesses as it relates to the Hwy 26 bypass and reconstruction. MACCIT has attempted to keep our membership and the greater community aware of the changes since the project was introduced several years ago. We have done this through a number of channels, including various meetings, networking opportunities, and other communications throughout the evolution of the highway expansion plan. 

Looking forward, we will continue to remain informed and aware of the highway reconstruction project as it nears completion in 2013. We want to allow the opportunity to get involved to address the needs of our members and take their guidance and the guidance of others as we develop our strategies for the future of Milton. 

We have scheduled a meeting with Derse on Tuesday, November 13th at 8am at Ott Schweitzer, 616 Gateway Dr. They will present an overview of the blue sign process; who's eligible, the process and timeline. City Administrator, Jerry Schuetz will provide an overview on what's allowable from the City and their process. 

We will have a short workshop afterwards to get feedback from the business community on priorities and desires for the area. We will develop an action plan and taskforce and set-up a series of workshops for this project. This meeting is open to the public 

For more information on the blue signs, eligibility and costs, visit

MACCIT supports the efforts of all Milton area businesses, to meet and successfully overcome the challenges presented by this project. We strongly believe in our community's strengths; including our great schools, friendly people, and overall business climate have positioned us for a positive and prosperous future.

If you are interested in participating but unable to attend, contact MACCIT at