Friday, January 10, 2014

City of Milton Notification of Road Closure


The City of Milton seeks to alert residents and travelers in the City of Milton of an impending road closure on Plumb Street, near Madison Avenue. Staff from JP Cullen has notified us that between the dates of Jan. 13th, 2014 through February 3rd, 2014 the road and access to property at 15 Plumb Street will be closed and/or have restricted traffic associated with the construction of the Advanced Manufacturing Center. A 120 foot crane will be present at various times throughout the upcoming three weeks, which is the cause for the traffic restrictions in the area over the next three weeks.

In the interests of public safety, motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to stay away from the area during this time period of construction. The School District of Milton has been alerted to the road closure, and is also communicating information regarding the road closure to students and families within the School District. Students and/or parents who utilize the area for student commute to and from school and/or student pick-up should plan alternate routes of travel during this time period.

If you have any questions about this information please feel free to contact the City of Milton at 608-868-6900.