Monday, March 16, 2009

E-NOTIFY - A Great Way to Stay Connected to City Business

Almost 200 people have signed up for the City's "E-Notify" system on the City's website. This system allows City staff to easily e-mail out important and timely information using our website technology. You can easily sign up for E-Notify on the City website by clicking here. The process takes only a minute or two. However, you could avoid this step by sending me an e-mail at and simply write "E-Notify" in the subject line. I'll take care of making sure you get included in future E-Notify deliveries.

One popular item sent out using E-Notify is the City's Monthly Departmental Report. This report comes out at the beginning of each month. It provides information about the past month's activities and offers reminders about upcoming events and programs. Click here to view an archive of past City of Milton Monthly Departmental Reports.

On a side note, I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. I can't wait to escape my office in a bit to enjoy the 60 degree temps! Like most of you, I am anxious for the dirty blackish-gray snow/trash piles to disappear. Time to rev up the street sweepers...